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Jamie Newman:
My Family
Winter 1991

In Boring Oregon, USA, where I live, winters are long, mild,
gray and provide plenty of time to think. The winter of 1991
was no exception. About half way through the wet season, I
began to think in ways I had never thought. Thoughts like
“why am I here?” “What is the purpose of life?” Questions
like “Why is there so much suffering in the world?” and
“what happens when you die?”

As I reflected on these thoughts, I realized that I was
unsatisfied with my life, and so began my pursuit in
answering these questions.

Where does an uneducated 20-year-old, drug addict find
answers to the most important questions in life? I now
believe that it is the same place that an educated Saint may
find them, The Bible.

In America, almost all homes have a couple of Bibles lying
around. Being the world’s best selling, most published book
of all time does not necessarily make it the most well read
book of all time. It is not uncommon for a household to have
a Bible on the bookshelf and it has not ever been read at
all. Yet in it, I found the very answers to these questions. So
I found out on the worst yet, best week of my life.

March 17th, 1991, St. Patrick’s Day, week

The week of my desperation, the day of my new found
hope. For it was this week that I hit the bottom of my life and
this day that I opened my heart to the Bible’s message.

I was desperate for the Creators involvement in my life, so I
began reading a book about Hinduism (the popular religion
of India). I read that all religions lead to our Maker. It
provided for a person to be spiritual yet not require me to
abandon my lifestyle of drugs and promiscuous behavior.
As I began to take the message in, I worshiped the image of
one of the so-called "gods". My life became a wreck. Pain
took over my body and I could no longer eat or sleep.
Voices took over my mind. I was in need of help and did not
know where to go, so I called out to my Creator, asking for
help. As I did this, a stern yet calming voice swept through
me as a cool rush of wind, communicating, "If you want to
know me you must read the Bible".

The pain returned. Confusion and deep stress returned, but
my goal was now clear to me. I must search the Bible so that
I may find the way to my Creator. Without hesitation, I got
into my car and headed for one of the family Bibles. The
voices screamed and cursed me but I was completely
committed to find out who my creator was. Bible now in
hand, I was still confused and so addressed the Creator
again, this time saying, "please help me find you, I am afraid
to die and I will follow where you lead me".

I picked up the Bible and opened it up randomly. I looked
down and read, " I am the way, the truth and the life. No one
comes to the father but through me".

This seemed contradictory to what I read in the Hindu book
and seemed exclusive, yet somehow, with the experience I
had had, my conscience somehow confirmed that this was
true. The words were said by Jesus Christ and can be found
in St. John Chapter 14 Verse 6. This touched me so much
that I gave my life to Jesus.

It was for this reason that I laid down my drugs and my life of
emptiness, for I learned that Jesus had a plan for my life. I
learned that I could serve God, by sharing the news of
Jesus to others.

This is the good news that I learned from
Him and share with you:

God loves you very much and is willing to share
Himself with you giving purpose to your life.
have a problem though. The bible teaches us that God is
completely perfect. It also says that all men and women
have made decisions that displease Him and calls this sin,
and thus making us very different from Him. It tells us that
we may not approach God, because we have sinned. He will
not tolerate it because of His perfect nature. In fact, the
Bible says that the penalty for sin is death and sin must be
punished by death or else God would not be just.

God found a way for us to have our sin removed.    
This is good news for us, but very painful for Gods only
begotten son, because Jesus Christ, God's ONLY son came
to this earth, from Heaven, where he shared the very nature
of God and became a man himself. He lived a perfect life;
never making a decision that was displeasing to God. Even
though he was tempted in every way that we are tempted.
He was obedient all the way to his death. He said, "I am the
good Shepherd and I lay down my life for the sheep". In this,
he was referring to himself as a Shepherd, and referring to
you and I as lost sheep, because what came next was the
most amazing thing of all!

Jesus died for you and me.     The Bible says, "God so
loved the world that He sent His one and only son that
whoever may believe in him will never die, but will have
everlasting life". This is found in St. John Chapter 3, Verse
16. This is the unimaginable gift of our great God and the
loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ, His son, because this is
exactly how we may return to our Creator. The Bible makes
it very clear, that there is no one among us that is good
enough or wise enough to chart a course to God, so God
did it for us!

God sent Jesus to die in our place.     Because death is
the payment for sin, Jesus took our place and died in our
stead. This is commonly called “redemption”. The Bible
teaches us that this is an acceptable substitution, but that is
not all. Because Jesus lived a perfect life, without sin, God
raised him from the dead! Three days after Jesus had been
sacrificed, God, his father, raised him to life again.
Commonly called the "resurrection". Forty days later, God
brought him back to heaven. This is commonly called the

God now asks all men and women to place their trust
in Jesus!
    The Bible says that if you put your trust in
Jesus, you will be saved from a coming judgment, where
God will call all men and women to account for the sin in
their lives, separating you from Him forever. A place where
his wrath and anger reside. If you place your trust in the
message of Jesus Christ, God will make you a son or
daughter of His very own and give you a place with Him,
both relationally here on earth, and when you die you will go
to Heaven, where He lives, FOREVER.

You can place your trust in Jesus right now.    You
could tell Him in prayer, that you believe that he died for
you, that you believe he was raised from the dead and that
you accept his excellent, sacrificial gift to mankind and are
willing to serve God. He will indwell you with Himself and you
will be given the power to live in a way pleasing to Him.
Please don't hesitate, God loves you very much and says
that all of the angels of Heaven rejoice when one person is
brought into his family. There is no greater joy than the joy
that the Creator can give to those who enter into this
relationship with Him. He has promised to walk with us
through all things in our lives and in 10 years of serving
Him, I have found Him faithful to do this.

Thank you for reading this,
Grace and Peace to you,

Jamie Newman
And the Lord’s servant must
not be quarrelsome but kind to
everyone, able to teach,
patiently enduring evil,

2 Timothy 2-24